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Laminated wood flooring
Topic Started: Nov 14 2017, 06:35 AM (21 Views)

<P>Usually simple and easy to clean, you can use the vacuum cleaner vacuum, with a semi-damp cloth, mop wipe can pay attention to the mop can not be too wet, should be wrung dry use.</P>
<P>If you accidentally be nail polish, ink, wine and other pollution to the floor, immediately with a nail polish remover and other cleaning agents scrub clean, use sandpaper should not be polished, with caution detergent and other chemicals to prevent damage to the surface wear Floor.</P>
<P>When the floor becomes difficult to clean due to a lot of fouling, it can be mixed with de-esterifying agent and warm water at 25 �� C, and the floor should be adequately cleaned before using the de-esterifying agent.</P>
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