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Your Guide to Holiday Direct Mail Marketing Published: 19.01.2010 | Author: katiemarcus | Category: Advertising
Direct mail marketing during the holidays is a good way to get some exposure and a little bit of the holiday market share. This year Pablo Hernandez Chile Jersey , postcard printing is one of the best tools for some good marketing during the holidays.

That is why I recommend that you try using color postcards this season as your primary marketing tool of choice. In this guide, I will show you how to effectively wage your direct mail marketing campaign using postcards.

鈥?Get those printing discounts 鈥?First, you should know that in the holidays, plenty of printers give printing discounts or special free service offers. So if you are planning to print for marketing, do not forget to look for the printing service with that discount or special offer. The good thing about the holidays is you can indeed save a lot on Holiday sales and offers, so accept the generosity of postcard printers and avail of those discounts. You should be pleased by those free services and they will be happy for your business.

鈥?Be Joyful and Merry – Now within your content itself for postcard printing, my advice is to always be joyful and merry. Do not use those all too common promotional image advertisements with people doing nothing in particular with your product or service. It is good to 鈥渕erry it up a little鈥?by converting to a holiday theme. Since lots of people expect mail from their loved ones, a merry holiday card will not immediately be thrown away. You will get your holiday marketing message across if you just go with the theme of the season.

鈥?Get the customers excited 鈥?Another good thing to do is to get your customers excited. Try to entice them with special deals and or give them a sense of mystery or anticipation. Tell them about your discounts and free offers but also tease them with special contest prizes if they buy something from you. As long as you give your readers, something to look forward to and to be excited about your marketing message should garner some success.

鈥?Make it easy to respond 鈥?You must also try to remember that it is good to make your readers respond. Give them a way to express themselves by providing an address or webpage where they can place orders, suggestions and maybe a complaint or two. You can also try using double postcards so that people can reply immediately with the postcards. By having a way to respond to this that is quite handy. People will be encouraged to do business with you since it is less of a hassle for them.

鈥?Make your cards tough 鈥?Finally, a very effective marketing campaign should have tools that are tough. You can specify the use of thicker and more moisture resistant materials that protects the postcard from moisture and random physical damage. This means that your cards can perform their duties for direct mail marketing a little longer. Moreover Nicolas Castillo Chile Jersey , they will deliver your message at a better condition, ensuring that it is as good look as it was first printed. This should give you some longevity as you work through the direct mail market.

Great! Hopefully this guide has thought you a lot about direct mail marketing this season. Good Luck with your postcard printing project!

Katie Marcus writes about the postcard printing technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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